What Are The Benefits Of Residential Solar Energy Systems In Florida

Sun is that radiant source of energy, which has made life possible on this planet. Legends also acknowledge the sun as the enriching source of light and heat that personifies superpower and godly status. With the realisation, that all the non-renewable sources are being consumed very fast, the idea of harnessing the energy of renewable sources had to be made feasible as this was the only answer to tackle the insurmountable issue which could have jeopardized our survival. Technology has played a major role in providing Residential Solar Energy Systems In Florida as the viable solution to be put to use for residential and commercial purposes and it is heartening to realise that they are providing long term benefits, enhancing our sustainability and mitigating global warming by reducing pollution.


Active solar techniques like Solar Water Heating, Photovoltaic Systems and Concentrated Solar Power are being used to make our lives better. Residential Solar Energy Systems In Florida are generating electricity with the help of solar cells. Solar energy uses captured sun’s heat to convert into electricity in the form of photovoltaic power and concentrated solar power that can be used to power electrical gadgets at homes and magically cut down on electricity bills as well as help save the electricity. Heating water at home is used for multiple purposes with the help of water heating system run by solar energy which lets you breathe in the pollution free environment without emitting of harmful gases. Solar energy can go a step further and power your home; the most important part is that this does not talk of any complex system, rather a simplistic method to lighten up your home with solar power. There is so much that the solar energy offers and the most amazing is the way we are gaining from it.

Property Solutions has so much to offer in the form of harvested solar power, which is bringing light and heat at your doorstep in the best possible way. Our solar water heater are the most cost-efficient way to heat water, making it a lucrative investment as the cost of this system is recovered in the first four years. Rest of the years are just to enjoy the fruits and benefit of the investment, by saving money and power along with added tax benefit. Next, we have Radiant Heat Barriers that are installed in the attics to reduce summer heat. We also cater for Solar Attic Ventilation with the help of attic fans which along with roof radiant heat barrier keeps the home cool. Our PV Systems are contributing efficiently in reducing the carbon foot. We also design and install Solar Swimming Pool Heaters which are maintenance free and cost nothing to operate.

We at Property Solutions take pride in designing, procuring, installing and maintaining all the above mentioned systems in South Florida cutting down the power costs of the residents and bringing a major change in their lifestyle by bringing to them better, effective and reliable energy alternatives to their power needs. Our products and services are unmatched, and our sincere effort to make our clients’ lives comfortable and rewarding is our only endeavour. To know more about Residential Solar Energy Systems In Florida, feel free to PS Solar Systems.

Steps To Follow To Get The Residential Solar Power System Installed

Since the time, man has learned to harness the Solar Power, it is gaining popularity as the renewable energy which is not only energy and cost-efficient but also reliable and durable. It is gradually becoming the preferred choice in those residential areas where there is abundant sunlight. Sunlight is converted into heat energy to get solar power which can be used in a variety of ways.

Getting the Solar Power System installed in your home is a big investment which needs to be given a considerable thought and only then one must venture it.

*The first and foremost thing to assess is the area in which you live. Does it receive enough sunlight to harness enough solar power? The sites with abundant sunlight are best suitable for solar power system installation.

*Evaluate your Solar Electricity requirements so that you can determine the type and size of the solar system. It should also include the use of electrical appliances at home.


*In order to get the roof solar system installed, one has to look into two factors. One is the condition of the roof. If the roof needs to be repaired before the installation, one must invest in that because solar power system is here to stay for long and the roof must be able to sustain for that long a period which is approximately 25-30 years. The second factor is, whether the roof is receiving ample sunlight to generate electricity?

*Check the options which may be more practical like taking the system on rent or lease rather than buying if it is not your permanent house.

*Assess the options available in Solar Technologies and take advice from the expert as to which is the most efficient for your home.

*Explore the market to find out the best installers whose services and maintenance of the solar system are unquestionable. Look for the company who have an electrician on their team so that the electricity task is managed by the professional. The installers should be professionals with certification to establish their credibility.

*Find out about the benefits and tax credits to be gained by installing the solar power system. Also, know about the warranty duration offered by the installers. Go through the contract in detail.

Property Solutions design, procure, install and help in the maintenance of the Residential Solar Power Systems Florida. We are a State Certified Solar Contractors and Builders who have a reputation for providing the best services to their clients. We are a dedicated team which also includes an electrician. Our services continue forever after the installation of Solar Power System. We understand that installation of a residential solar power system is an important investment where you want things to go smoothly under the expert supervision. Sure enough, you can sit back and relax and expect the quality service which is provided to each of our customers. Our work is always on time and we always display high professional ethics. Call us for a free in-home consultation.

Are Floridians Benefited By Solar Water Heater Panels?

Harnessing Solar Energy has become the need of the hour, as the non-renewable energy obtained from fossil fuels is exhausting very fast.Solar energy, being renewable is the solution that we need to get serious about. It should be incorporated in our lifestyle to give us the cheaper and more effective alternative. Sun’s abundant energy, when harvested, to use where we consume maximum electricity, can save our environment and lighten the load on our pockets.

We all need water heaters in homes as well as for commercial purposes. Electricity’s consumption worries us as it is not only expensive, it puts pressure on already diminishing non-renewable resources. Solar water Heaters bring to us the desired results from a resource which would not dry up on use and is energy efficient. Solar Water Heater Panels convert sunlight into heat energy by collecting the heat of the sun and storing it into water tank.The solar water heater panels are also called ‘Solar Collectors’ which are installed sun-facing. Solar water heaters are active and passive. They may use water only or water and working fluid. They are heated directly or via light- concentrating mirrors.


Flat – Plate Collectors for Solar water heating were used in Florida in 1920. They gained popularity in Florida as it receives 85% of the maximum solar resource available in the U.S. Thus it is an ideal place to use solar energy. The best system to heat water in Florida is ‘Active-Direct’ System. It is active as the fluid is directly pumped through the solar collector panel and it is direct because the fluid in collector is potable water. This collector panel is installed on the roof while the tank is below. System can also have Photovoltaic Panel which operates during power outages. Floridians have an extra benefit of installing the water heater system in the form of Federal Tax Credits. The Solar Water Heater provides hot water round the clock and can also store hot water for the next two days, catering for the bad weather.

The solar water heater panel have changed the course of life for the Floridians who have not only been able to control their electricity bills but also set an example of being the conscientious citizens.

Property Solutions has been making its contribution to the environment by harnessing the Solar Energy and bringing to the people of South Florida the best solar energy systems which are Designed, Procured, Installed and Maintainedby us. Property Solutions are State CertifiedSolar and Building Contractors who have brought the cost-effective solar products into use and made them popular for residential as well as the commercial purposes. No wonder it has become one of the most trusted name and the reliable environment friendly products are becoming popular by the day. These products are not only energy efficient but also maintained well. We are known for our professionalism. We are meticulous, honest and punctual, giving our customers reasons to deal with us time and again. Visit us and find the difference!

What To Look For While choosing Installers For Solar Energy Systems?

Man’s curiosity has resulted in many new discoveries and inventions. He has always been fascinated by the mystical objects in the universe and the heat and power of the sun have always attracted his attention. Though it took him some time, he was able to understand the significance of this abundant energy present with the Sun and soon learned to harness it as an alternative to those resources which have been used as the source of energy but were indicating the inevitability of their extinction due to extensive use. It is rightly said, that necessity is the mother of invention and we witness this in the form of Solar Energy Systems which are renewable, cheap and in abounding strength.

Solar Energy Systems involves harvesting the heat of the sun with the array of technologies which are either Active Solar or Passive Solar. Active solar techniques such as Solar Water Heating, Photovoltaic Systems are used to harness the energy of the sun and they have enhanced the long-term benefits for their users. They help in lowering the cost of fossil fuels and increased the sustainability by reducing pollution.


It is important to follow certain steps when you plan to use solar energy power at your home or any commercial place.

It is important for anyone who is planning to get any of the solar products like solar water heater to be installed, to find out as how much power is being consumed by him or his family in using various electric appliances or how much power is being spent on heating and cooling the place.

Next, it is important to find out if the place, where you wish to get solar power installed, has the abundant or reasonable supply of sunlight to be converted into heat energy. Your Solar Installer can guide you with accuracy.

Further, you can meet the solar energy installer and find out the Options and Programmes available to make the best use of solar power in the most cost-effective manner. It is important to choose the solar and building contractor who will assess your needs properly and advise you accordingly. His suggestions after inspecting your property or site need to be taken seriously.

Most important is checking the competence of your PV Installer.Is your company a certified one and do they have any references to offer? Also, check out the warranty offered on the solar products and the tax benefits at the installation of the same.

Property Solutions has been in the business of designing, installing and maintaining solar products in South Florida since 2004 and has certainly carved a niche for itself by providing its services with sincerity and honesty. We are a State Certified Solar and Building Contractors and our quality products have been appreciated by our customers and made us a trusted name amongst the Floridians. So many people have benefitted from our advice and suggestions and we can proudly say that we have contributed to making our environment and surroundings cleaner and pollution free. Contact us and avail free in-home consultation.

Are Solar Panels Effective For Residents Of Florida?

Solar Panels absorb the sunlight to convert it into heat energy. A Photovoltaic System is an arrangement of solar panels which comprise of solar cells for generating electric power. These solar cells are combined to form modules, known as solar panels; installed either on roof tops or can be even ground mounted.

Recent years have witnessed the reduction in the cost of Solar Power Systems in Florida which receives 85% of the maximum solar resource available in the U.S. The decrease in the cost is the consequence of more solar power consumption in the state. Solar panels are successful in Florida as the abundant sunlight and government’s encouragement and support to the residents has clearly paved the way for solar power to become the first choice. Be it the Heating Water System or PV Panels, it has proved to be a wise choice in keeping the environment clean and pollution free. Not only that, it has brought down the cost spent on electricity and increased the savings. The Floridians can enjoy the federal tax benefits on the installation of Residential Solar Panels which is an added saving.


Solar panels bring hot water for your home in the cheapest way possible and with the most effective energy efficient technique. These panels require low maintenance and have proved to be reliable reducing the carbon emissions. This is not expected of any other alternative source of power. There are a few points that must be taken into consideration before anyone chooses to get the solar panel installed.

Firstly, the homeowner must assess the consumption of electricity at his place. It includes the use of all the electrical appliances at home.

Secondly, they must seek help and guidance from the installer to know if the solar panel will be effective or not and the place where it should be installed.

Thirdly, taking information from the installer about the installation and maintenance is very essential. One must also find out about the warranty of the same and any other cost benefits or discounts / offers the company is offering.

Fourthly, checking the reputation and credibility of the installation company is required so that one knows that one is in safe hands as working with a company with high professional ethics and expertise makes it hassle-free for the customers.

Property Solutions has been serving the residents of Florida since 2004 and we have given many reasons to our clients to trust us. We are a State Certified Solar and Building Contractors who have been into the business of designing, procuring, installing and maintaining the Solar Energy Systems. We are thoroughly professional in our approach and our dedication towards our work and honesty in our attitude has won us many customers whom we serve with immense happiness. It is indeed a matter of pride for us that we have contributed in making our state cleaner and energy efficient.

To know more about us, call us for free in home consultation.

Inspiring Others: Solar PV Panels

Solar Energy has revolutionised the world by providing the alternate for the other energy sources which are on the verge of culmination due to being used excessively with increasing demands of population. The consumption of these resources has had their disadvantages in the form of pollution and global warming. Solar energy has given solution to so many issues which were quite disturbing and thought provoking, leaving everyone wondering for how long the human race will sustain once the fossil fuels are done with. Realising, that the sun has immense power and its quality of renewing the energy has led the scientists discover so many new ways in which this energy can be used.

Solar PV Panels, where PV stands for Photovoltaics are used to generate electricity by using solar cells to convert solar power into electricity calling it ‘photoelectric effect.’ This system employs solar panels, installation of which may be on the roof or wall or ground mounted. Its biggest advantage is generating no pollution and not contributing to global warming but there have been disadvantages which, with advancement in technology are diminishing. They have become more cost- effective and reliable. Solar PV panels are being used in more than 100 countries.

Solar PV Panels


As a basic PV cell produces a very small amount of electricity, multiple cells are connected together in array to produce a suitable amount to support a household or a commercial place. Before buying or getting it installed, it is important to know the load requirement of the place where it is installed. Solar PV panels are more suitable for smaller gadgets with low wattage. Water heaters and air conditioners cannot be operated by this system. One requires solar water heater for that. It is important to understand that though a solar PV system can produce electricity even through the scattered sunlight, one must choose a place which has maximum sunlight. The ideal orientation for any solar panel is towards the South direction where it receives maximum sunlight. Another important thing to keep in mind is to choose ‘Deep Cycle’ batteries which have proved to be ideal for solar PV panels. As a buyer, one must be alert and know about the periodic maintenance of the solar PV panels because, if not maintained they will not remain efficient. One should also be aware of tax credits and rebates and discounts on the purchase of a system.

Ideally, it is convenient to contact a solar contractor or a manufacturer for the correct information and he can take all the doubts away.Property Solutions readily answers all your queries and honestly answer all your questions,without hiding anything that as a customer you need to know. We keep things updated and always provide you with the latest system. We are available round the clock for free consultation at your home at your convenience. Visit us and enjoy the benefits of buying the best product at a competitive price.

Why Solar Energy System is the Best for Florida?

Solar power or energy has been harnessed to the maximum use at certain places which are blessed with the amount of sunlight required to convert it into electricity. Florida is one such state of the U.S. which receives 85% of the maximum solar resource available, making it the most suitable place to install the Solar Energy Systems.

Property Solutions have been serving the people of Florida since 2000 and we can be said to be an instrumental force in making solar energy popular for residential and commercial use. Our team consists of an Electrical Engineer as well. We Design, Install and Maintain these systems and provide our clients with a better and healthier alternative for utility electric power. Solar energy is cost effective which liberates you from the guilt of leaving a carbon-foot on this earth. Solar energy systems not only are a cheaper solution, but also don’t let you contribute in global warming. That is why the government too realises your conscious efforts and give you tax benefits on the installation of Solar Energy Systems.


We at property solutions are State Certified Solar and Building Contractors who are the proud designers of the following solar products:

1. Solar Water Heaters, a very viable solution to save power and money. We install as well as maintain them.2. Radiant Heat Barriers.
3. PV systems.
4. Solar Pool Heating.

All these products are well-designed, reliable and long lasting where we take the full responsibility of installing and maintaining them. Our quality service and thorough professionalism establishes a relationship of trust and confidence with our clients, whom we serve with pleasure and a sense of commitment. To know more about us and our products, feel free to contact us and avail free in-home consultation and guidance.

Enrich Your Homes in Florida with Residential Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy has become the most viable solution and an apt alternative for the other sources which may soon be exhausted and turn out to be expensive. Florida has been blessed with abundant sunlight which makes it an ideal place to put solar energy to extensive use. Since 2000, when Property Solutions came into existence, Florida has experienced a desirable change.

We at Property Solutions are a team of the most dedicated members who make constant efforts to bringResidential Solar Energy System to each resident of Florida. We Design, Install and Maintain these systems for your homes. We hold a vision to equip each household with solar power as it is the most cost-effective, reliableway of changing one’s surroundings and giving a chance to cleanse our environment and make it pollution free. We have the state’s sanction to become Certified Solar andBuilding Contractors.


We have earned the reputation of being thoroughly professional. Our most popular products like Solar Water Heater is the most cost-efficient method to heat water. It is an immense relief to anyone’s pocket as this system usually pay for itself in 3-5 years. From Installing a Roof Radiant Barrier or a Solar Attic Fan to implementing a properly sized PV system, we provide you all and try to lower your dependency on utility electric power.

The installation of these solar products, bring tax benefits to the residents which gives you an indication that it is a win-win situation in every aspect. Browse through our content and feel free to contact us. We will provide you with all the information and free in-house consultation. We customize the size of our products according to your residential requirements. To serve the residents of Florida is a matter of honour and pride for us.

Know If Solar Power Systems For Residential Use Are Right For You

Every now and then, we have heard news stories stating about the need and importance of future alternative energy. The costs of fuels are not just skyrocketing but at the same time are having an adverse effect on the environment as they are depleting at a higher pace than ever.Therefore, it has become necessary to look for alternative ways to meet the daily needs of power around the globe.

You are probably thinking, what can you do to contribute save nature and enoughresources and fuels for the future generations to come, right? Well, if you say you just own a house and can’t do much, let us tell you, you need to look around. Talking about alternatives of energy, what could be a better way to use a solar power panel.


When it comes to reducing the demand of electricity from the power grids, there are only two ways that could help achieve the same. Either by learning and adapting ways of conserving electricity by home, or the other option would be by generating electricity at your residence. How is that possible? Well, it’s easier than it sounds. All you need to do, is to install a solar panel at your residence. This is something that will not only help you save the cost of your electricity bill but will also help you contribute save the nature.

The best alternative energy resource is nothing but the SUN, and it is an obvious fact, that despite of the location we live at, we have enough access to the sunlight, which is available in abundance, to heat up the solar panels and generate electricity. Solar panels, around the world are preferred and are highly used for several purposes like heating the water bodies like swimming pools, etc. Heating homes and building, cooking food, and above all for producing electricity.

Well the biggest challenge here is to convert that abundant free source of energy into useable energy, and the best way to do is to install a residential solar power system.But before installing solar PV systems for residential purpose, it is important to determine if it is right for you. See if you fit into the below four categories.

• You want to lower your average electric bill.
• You have an interest in reducing your dependence on your utility company.
• You would like to reduce the environmental impact of electricity production.
• A grid connection is not available in your area or can be made only through an expensive line extension.

If you were nodding on all the above-mentioned points, it’s high time you get a solar panel installed at your place.

Solar Pv Panels – How To Choose This Technology Wisely

Solar PV panels are a major component of solar power systems. The ‘PV’ refers to the photovoltaic effect, a process that converts sunlight into electric energy. The panels capture sunlight and transform into usable electricity.

Currently, there are three types of solar PV panels. These are:

#1 Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Although an old technology, monocrystalline solar panels are considered as one of the best. They are expensive to manufacture however they offer the best efficiency. This type of solar panel is made from pure silicon crystals that are sliced up thinly into circular wafers. Wires that look like silver lines run through these wafers. When sunlight hits each wafer and it is transformed into electricity, it is transmitted via these silver lines.

#2 Polycrystalline/Multicrystalline Solar Panels

This type of solar panel is made from slightly impure silicon than what is used to manufacture monocrystalline panels. Instead of forming from a single crystal, they are thrown into blocks. These crystals therefore get randomly arranged and are individually visible. When the polycrystalline slab is cast, it is cut into single square blocks. This is sliced into square wafers and further processed to be transformed into individual solar cells.

Polycrystalline cells are similar in performance and efficiency to monocrystalline cells.


#3 Thin Film Solar Panels

Thin film panels are manufactured using very different manufacturing methods compared to its mono and polycrystalline counterparts. Instead of cutting up large pieces of silicon into solar cells, a silicon-containing spray is coated onto a surface to transform it into a solar panel. The production procedures used to create thin film solar PV panels is more energy-efficient. Thin film solar panels have a shelf life of 20 years.

Thin film solar panels are much heavier than mono or polycrystalline panels. You need to have a very strong roof and capable installers installing them!

Switching your home’s energy requirements to solar power is both a wise and environmentally friendly decision. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but you’re also taking advantage of savings on your next energy bill.

To learn more about solar pv panels, contact Pssolarsystems.